Native Honey Collection

We've carefully sourced some of the best honey variants from across New Zealand. This collection celebrates the beautiful native flowers of New Zealand that gives our honey its distinct and delicate flavours.

All our jars are available in both 250g and 400g sizes. 



Native Collection Viper's Bugloss

A mild floral honey with hints of vanilla and lemon. It has a delicate sweetness and is high in fructose. Viper's Bugloss is a wild blue flower that is harvested from November to April.



Native Collection clover

Mild and light, this popular honey is distinctive in its fresh sweetness. Flowering occurs from October through to February. Due to the vast amount of clover in New Zealand, the quality of Clover honey production is often exceptional.



Native Collection kamahi

A pale and golden honey of medium strength with very complex flavours and after tones. Often used in baking where it is desirable to have an identifiable honey flavour. Kamahi is a white flower, flowering from October to January.



Native Collection Rewarewa

This beautiful deep coloured honey is ideal for those who prefer a less sweet taste. Medium in strength, with a delightful smooth malty caramel flavour. Rewarewa is a beautiful red flower that transforms into a lovely amber colour when made into honey, flowering occurs from October through to January.