back to nature

At Blossom Hill Farm, we want to reconnect people with nature. Nestled among the breathtaking landscapes of Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s East coast, we’re proud to be producing some of the world’s finest Manuka honey. 

Our premium-grade Manuka honey is lovingly produced by our hardworking honeybees and expertly harvested by our artisanal beekeepers, to bring the wonders of New Zealand’s countryside direct to your home. 


optimum wellness

We live by the philosophy that to embrace natural is to embrace a life of optimum wellness. Famed for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, raw Manuka honey has a vast range of health benefits. 

We rigorously grade every batch on the MGO scale, a rating system which measures the presence of a compound called methylglyoxal in true Manuka – essentially the antibacterial strength of the honey.  This strict certification process ensures only the best in our Blossom Hill Farm products, so you can treat your body well, inside and out. 



Our genuine Manuka honey products are distinctive in their superior taste and flavour profiles, we are crafting handmade superior tasting food, every teaspoon is a savoring moment. 

The raw and rugged vast landscapes in which our Manuka honey is harvested is reflected in its earthy notes. Each jar has a distinctive complex flavour, from mild and sweet to intense and woody to offer a broad and versatile range.