Manuka Honey Nut Butters

We've taken the wonder of our premium grade Manuka honey and lovingly combined it with our favourite nut butters to create the finest spreads straight from nature. Quality nuts are roasted in small batches, then blended with our honey until it reaches the smoothest, most luxurious consistency.

All our jars are available in 225g sizes. 



manuka and peanut honey nut butter

A delectable pairing of two classic flavours, this smooth spread is bursting with good sources of antioxidants and B vitamins.



manuka and almond honey nut butter

Our smooth spread is made from the finest roasted almonds and paired with our premium manuka honey containing magnesium to help maintain strong and healthy bones. Almonds also contain lots of healthy fiber, protein and Vitamin E. 



manuka supernut honey nut butter

‘The Queen’ of Nut Honey Butters. Our delicious and innovative recipe contains the highest quality ingredients, promoting good heart health, with the finest gourmet taste. Manuka Honey, Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts, Flax Seed & Chia Seed deliver the Queen of Nut Honey Butters, rich in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids. A must have in all family kitchens for physical and mental wellness.